Efficiency, savings and safety with indoor locating system

      With the help of accurate real-time locating system the customer’s average purchase increases, space management improves and work becomes safer in any domain.

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      Increase the customer's average basket size,  improve the collection of online orders, enable targeted advertising and optimize the use of business premises.

      In an open space, a medium-sized store can be equipped with an accurate and comprehensive indoor positioning system in a day.  It’s so easy.

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      No time is spent in a large building trying to find the life-saving devices when their exact location is known.

      Patient care times are known and work shifts decisions can be made based on the data.  Even care intensity measurement is possible!

      The safety of both patients and nurses is improved in emergencies when their location is known.

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      Indoor positioning complements existing WMS or ERP by creating location information for goods, production equipment and forklifts AND their changes in real time.

      You get automated notifications about different work steps (arrival of goods, movement, shelving + shelf location information, etc.) and you get access to all the dynamic movement and time information in the warehouse!


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      +100 %

      Equipment utilization can be even doubled using indoor positioning to track their location


      -40 %

      Nearly half of equipment acquisition costs can be cut with increased equipment utilization


      up to 20%

      increase in sales with smart carts & targeted marketing.*

      *Case study


      faster collection time for online orders when collection route is optimized.*
      *Case study

          What does the future of indoor positioning look like?

          What will be the indoor positioning revolution and its radical impact on investment costs? A tight expert package is now available!

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          The product picking and warehouse management revolution is here!

          Picking up products is expensive in both warehouses and stores. Download the free expert package and learn how accurate indoor positioning can revolutionize the profitability of your collection.

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                  Iiwari delivers solutions!

                  § Cost efficient high accuracy locating system
                  § A proven and patented UWB (Ultra Wide Band) radio technology solution
                  § Unprecedented accuracy, security and scalability

                  The Iiwari Tracking Solutions locating system offers a simple, robust and affordable solution for improving efficiency and safety.