A new way to increase average shopping basket size
Accurate indoor positioning can significantly increase a customer's average basket size. Positioning also streamlines store operations and halves the time spent collecting online orders.

Iiwari Tracking Solutions brings high-precision positioning to stores that provide information on both customer and product locations. Positioning allows real-time data on where customers are going, how long they are staying, what they are buying, and how they react to ads and offers.

Positioning information can be associated with shopping carts, tablets, price tags, products, people, and mobile applications.

“In the Finnish retail chain, we installed positioning tags and tablets on shopping carts, which include a product search function. Tablets also show the customer targeted ads for the products they are close to. This directly led to an increase in average shopping basket size,” says CEO Ville Kolehmainen.

Up to 20% growth with personalization

Smart carts are only the first step. The real leap is taken when indoor positioning is integrated into the retailer’s own mobile application.

“Based on the purchase history, the customer can get offers for products that are important to them when they are in the store close to the product. Personalization shortens the distance from advertising to shopping,” says Kolehmainen.

Online orders collection time is halved

Online food sales have grown exponentially. However, collecting products for customers eats up working time and margins.

“The indoor positioning service makes collection more efficient when it is used to know the locations of both the Collector and the products. The Iiwari collect app tells you what is the nearest product to collect on the shopping list. There can be several orders in the collection at the same time and at best the collection time is halved, so the saving effect is considerable.” 
Hello, industrial indoor positioning
— goodbye, unnecessary overtime and inefficient warehouse management