+100 %

+100 %

Increase in equipment utilization can be achieved by using indoor positioning to track their location

-40 %

-40 %

Cut in equipment acquisition costs can be reached with increased equipment utilization due to indoor positioning



Four out of five staff members using indoor positioning in healthcare environments have rated it highly helpful for their daily work



Hospitals and other healthcare units are complex structures consisting of different floors & areas, and a large amount of people. In such settings, it is unfortunately common for individual devices to get lost or misplaced.

Utilizing indoor positioning to keep track of equipment locations and status at all times, has proven to dramatically increase their utilization and cut down on acquisition costs. Studies have also shown it improve employee satisfaction and save staff time otherwise spent looking for misplaced equipment.

Iiwari’s indoor positioning technology is designed so, that it will not interfere with sensitive healthcare equipment. It’s carefree installation, maintenance and scalability ensures that the working environment for saving lives will remain safe and efficient.


Indoor positioning

Secure UWB-communication and positioning, that does not interfere with existing communications, imaging and other signal technologies

Equipment tracking

Location of crucial treatment equipment is known at all times, with interactive maps to guide to closest item

Iiwari monitoring System

Backend system to connect location data to security, navigation and patient monitoring systems

Personnel tracking

Movements of personnel and patients can be tracked to enhance efficiency and patient safety

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Similar use cases

A similar of solution can easily be implemented wherever business critical equipment must be available and remain in possession.

  • Construction sites
  • Mining operations
  • Industrial settings

Practically any environment can be covered by Iiwari indoor positioning system, ensuring that important and expensive equipment stays where it should be.

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