ONLY 59 %

ONLY 59 %

Of office desks are occupied on an average day

30 MIN.

30 MIN.

Is the average time an office employee reportedly spends per day hunting for a room for their purposes

55 %

55 %

Of office workers report spending excessive time locating colleagues



In today’s working environments, a lot of time can be wasted in finding colleagues or suitable free premises. With cross-functional teams, non-allocated working areas and the need for different types of working environments, the result can be unwanted friction in daily operations.

Iiwari’s smart office solution helps solve these issues, providing property and office space managers tools to easily track personnel, premises and allocations.

Whether you are providing properties for lease, or have your own office to optimize, we are happy to help you find a solution guaranteed to boost your productivity and optimize working space utilization.

Iiwari solutions for offices

Tracking solutions

Key personnel, teams or tools can be tracked and be easily found even in large working environments

Indoor positioning

Secure UWB-communication and positioning, that does not interfere with Wi-Fi, BT, or other radio channels

Utilization monitoring

Premises can be monitored in real time, providing tools to finding premises instantly, and increasing utilization in the long run

Iiwari monitoring system

Iiwari’s resilient cloud services, with their seamless and secure communications, enable new in premises and on the spot services and business opportunities

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Similar use cases

A similar solution can easily be implemented wherever room or area utilization are drivers for efficiency.

  • Healthcare units
  • Storage areas
  • Accommodation services

Iiwari tags can be attached to anything, from room keys and access cards to storage pallets, enabling you to have an up to date view on the flow of people and materials, and the utilization of space they occupy.

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