+15 %

+15 %

Increase in the average purchase among customers targeted with location based marketing

70 %

70 %

Of customers targeted with location based marketing end up buying one or more presented items

1 Euro per Sq.

1 Euro per Sq.

Implementation begins at an affordable 1€ per square meter of retail space


Benefits for both store and customers

Location based marketing provides customers with instantly relevant offers and information. In addition to a proven increase in the average purchase, better customer satisfaction can also be observed due to advanced guidance, information and assistance request services.

By knowing the location of the Collector and each product in the store, the collection time can be halved and the cost for collecting decreases per basket. Suddenly, grocery collection and home delivery service becomes profitable business.

Along with sellable products, tracking can also be extended to personnel movement, enabling more efficient customer service and the optimization of daily routines and processes.

Iiwari solutions for retail

Indoor positioning

Secure UWB-communication and positioning, that does not interfere with Wi-Fi, BT, or other radio channels

Electronic shelf labels

Prices are updated automatically as the they are changed in the backend system, freeing labour to customer service and allowing flexible price optimization

Iiwari Management System

Iiwari’s resilient cloud services, with their seamless and secure communications, enable new in store and on the spot services and business opportunities

Process efficiency

Employees historical movements are tracked to detect patterns and improve efficiency of daily processes

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Similar use cases

A similar solution can easily be implemented wherever displaying information based on item or user location is relevant.

  • Virtual instruction materials
  • Indoor guidance systems
  • Process monitoring

Location based information is your way to creating more intuitive, well functioning and efficient environments.

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