A revolution in increasing business efficiency and security

As many great things, the Iiwari story also begins in the Finnish forest…

Finally, everything is always locatable

It is said that the seeker finds. Iiwari’s positioning service locates a stationary asset with 10 cm accuracy, and a mobile asset with 50 cm accuracy. Searching and discovering was also about the birth of Iiwari. The founder of the company, who searched for a reliable indoor location service all over the world, found the developer of world class UWB technology right next to him, through a neighbor.

Iiwari’s indoor positioning technology had been developed for more than 10 years at VTT, one of Europe’s leading research institutes. The game changing research has been productized by Iiwari into the best combination of accuracy, scalability, reliability and affordability for indoor positioning on the market.

The Iiwari team share a burning desire and determination to build a more efficient and safer world where all important assets are locatable. Originally applied to forest machines, the patented technology delivers benefits from saving lives in hospitals to increasing one-time purchases in the supermarket.

Iiwari has a solution and the ability to change the world one or a million spatial data points at a time – in any aspect of life.