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We use the Iiwari Dashboard to demonstrate how accurately the Iiwari positioning system works.

It is also possible to purchase the Iiwari Development Kit for your own testing so that the benefits of historical data collected by positioning can be visually verified.

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You can also use this form to tell us if you are interested in Iiwari Starter Kit or RTLS Workshop.

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What is RTLS?

Get to know indoor positioning! We help you understand what location is used for and how it could improve your business.

We offer access to indoor positioning, from a free demonstration to a thorough expert assessment of the suitability of the positioning for your company.

The Future of Indoor Positioning

What can indoor positioning be used for?

Get to know indoor positioning by reading our useful expert guides on the future of indoor positioning and use cases in industry, commerce and healthcare.

Get to know the possibilities of RTLS analytics

Learn from our experts in a free meeting how you can boost your business with location information.

See the positioning accuracy yourself – Book a virtual 20 min demo for free

You will receive a free 20 min virtual tour of the positioning system and together we can consider whether indoor positioning is suitable for your company’s use case.

Iiwari Starter Kit

An easy way to test the functionality of positioning in your own or customer’s premises.

The Iiwari Starter Kit is a complete positioning system for locating up to 1800 m2 of space (30 m x 60 m), with an easy-to-use interface (Iiwari Dashboard) and API for software development. It is easy to install yourself, but we can help you if needed!

Purpose of using the Starter Kit: You will understand how the system will be installed, how the technology will be applied in practice, and how positioning will work as part of the overall application. After that, you have a strong vision on how to start building your first positioning solution with us.

The price of the Iiwari Starter Kit is only € 2,900 (+ VAT).

Book a consultation workshop

Learn how you can take a benefit of positioning data on your business

We have a lot of experience in healthcare, retail and industry solutions and can answer your positioning questions right away. Talking together, we can more quickly understand whether indoor positioning is a good part of the solution to your or your client’s challenges. We can come on-site to evaluate how you can take advantage of positioning data on you business. The workshop can be implemented as short-distance or telecommuting work, which works best for you.


  • A concise compilation of positioning technologies based on radio technology.
  • A concise summary of positioning analytics.
  • Half-day face to face workshop.
  • On-site inspection of the process, in which the possibilities of one object selected by the customer (healthcare facility part, shop, etc.) in terms of indoor location are mapped.
  • Evaluation of possible use cases.
  • ROI calculation of use cases (and the location system that solves them) together with the customer.
  • Report and recommendations for further action on location utilization.

After the survey, you will have a clear understanding of the potential benefits of indoor positioning in your own business, allowing you to assess the rationality of investing in indoor positioning in the near future. As a result you will get comprehensive understanding how to combine your existing data with positioning data and how to deploy system on your daily operation.

Price: 5000 € (+VAT + Traveling expenses)