Indoor positioning for healthcare

Knowing precisely where critical treatment equipment is, exactly when you need it, can save lives .

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+100 %

Equipment utilization can be even doubled using indoor positioning to track their location.

-40 %

 Nearly half of equipment acquisition costs can be cut with increased equipment utilization.


 Four out of five staff members using positioning have rated it highly helpful for their daily work. 

Data is valuable to efficiency and safety

Location matters! No time is spent in a large building trying to find the necessary tools when their exact location is known. Imagine what this means when looking for life-saving devices in hospitals or expensive work machines in industry.

Iiwari’s indoor positioning technology is designed so, that it will not interfere with sensitive healthcare equipment.  

Care intensity measurement

Patient care times are known and work shifts decisions can be made based on the data.

Equipment tracking 

Location tracking helps find life-saving equipment fast, and ensures a high use rate for expensive appliances.

Distancing & traceability

Positioning data can help maintain social distancing, prevent risk groups from interacting and to trace movements of personnel.

Operational efficiency

Location data can be used to track operations (cleaning, checks, etc.), without the need for additional reporting. It can also be used to call help directly to the correct location.

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