Hello, industrial indoor positioning — goodbye, unnecessary overtime and inefficient warehouse management

Indoor positioning complements existing WMS or ERP by creating location information for goods, production equipment and forklifts AND their changes in real time. 

100 %
Equipment utilization can be even doubled using indoor positioning to track their location.

-40 %

Nearly half of equipment acquisition costs can be cut with increased equipment utilization.



Increase operational efficiency through automated reporting and more efficient resource management.

By automating and delivering accurate location updates, materials are found faster. This means getting orders out faster and with more revenue.

Loading times are dramatically reduced.

This saves a huge amount of time and resources.

Efficiency in logistics reduces the need to work overtime. 

Job satisfaction increases!

Reduced loading times increase production several truckloads a day!


Efficiency makes it possible to increase production without increasing production facilities

Improved operational efficiency enables negotiations for better delivery rates.

Smooth production improves safety procedures at the facility.

Thanks to the increase in power, the initial investment typically pays for itself in about four to six months.

Data is valuable to business

With Iiwari software, you can see the movement routes and speeds of both people and machines in real time.  Avoid collisions, improve safety and working conditions.   Optimize material flows and  make your work smoother and safer.

This video shows how the smart carts work in a store. Similarly, you can track the location and movements of products, personnel, and key equipment.

Process progress follow-up

Position based event mapping and process progress follow-up. E.g. Warehouse assets pick-up or unload with forklifts.

Equipment tracking

Route optimization in forklift and other machinery operation.

Heat-maps on forklift routes: operator training

Machine movement analysis

Virtual zones for asset and machine movement analysis


 Collision avoidance and worker general safety

Optimizing collection routes saves money!

Read on the blog how significant savings can be made by optimizing forklift routes!

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