As many great things, the Iiwari story also begins in the Finnish forest. A crucial tool in maintaining our woodlands is the forest harvester.  Such machines are actually highly sophisticated pieces of technology, playing a crucial role in optimizing forestry management. Forestry management, as opposed to just cutting, is the key to maintaining sustainable and renewing forests.

As the technology has developed, so too has the requirement to get better readings on their working elements position. With a need to provide a solution, engineers at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland wanted to achieve solutions.

With relentless research and multiple trials, the technology finally started taking shape. And very soon it was noted, that the solution could also be of use far beyond the initial goal. So began the development of the Iiwari indoor positioning solution.

Traditionally, in the forests of the north, people have been accustomed to making do with little. With Iiwari’s technology, this stands true both in terms of complexity as well as with costs. The humble Finns take great pride in developing solutions that are simple, robust and effective. With these characteristics, cost effectiveness naturally follows.

Iiwari Tracking Solutions business is based on the idea of bringing Finnish innovation and engineering, honed in the forests and the research centres of the north, to benefit the whole world. This is achieved through a solution which demonstrates the simple and efficient elegance of the mindset of the north.