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Add value to your customer with positioning data

By Teemu Lätti

Lisää datan arvoa paikannuksella

Important news for consulting and IT service providers:
Indoor positioning business expected to grow 30-fold over the next few years

According to American analysts, the indoor positioning business will grow 30-fold over the next few years. Growth from USD 1.9 billion to USD 55 billion is expected by 2030. In our experience, 80% of industrial companies are yet to discover the operational efficiency gained from indoor positioning.

Do not let this development pass you by!

Indoor positioning is predicted to become just as self-evident a part of spatial technology as Wi-Fi is today.

This means that now is the time to ensure your company’s competitiveness and differentiation as an expert by including indoor positioning solutions among your range of services. You could be one of the first enterprises to offer this kind of added value to customers!

Are you familiar with your customers’ challenges?

Do your customers have challenges you’re not yet able to resolve?

Take industrial efficiency measurement systems, for example: they might consist of massive KPI sets, but do you know what factors influence them? The sets may be extensive, but do they also show you the details?

Missing piece of WMS or ERP system: positioning data

Precise positioning data can include exactly the kind of data that brings the details of a process to light and allows you to identify development targets in practice.

Here are some examples of how you can challenge your customers to think about the kind of data they currently have access to.

Can you measure:

  • what happens in the warehouse, on the factory premises, in store?
  • the utilisation rate of tools and machines? Are all of them used effectively?
  • the utilisation rate of premises?
  • how forklifts and pallet trucks move, and how far the forklifts travel in the wrong direction?
  • the distances staff cover during the workday?
  • how much time staff spend looking for items?

How many unnecessary and unproductive tasks could you simply get rid of? How would you go about measuring the intervals between production stages or optimising supply chains?

Merchant customers

Are the merchants among your customers satisfied with the effectiveness of their brick-and-mortar stores? Would they be interested in ways to

  • increase the average purchase value of customers with offer carts that take advantage of the positioning system?
  • halve the collection time of online orders?
  • improve the customer experience with a digital queuing system?
  • use their store and warehouse space more effectively?

Iiwari’s experts can also help with these topics. We have a lot of experience in commercial and logistics solutions, and we can answer questions about positioning immediately. Together, we can tackle the customer’s biggest challenges.

Book a 30 min consultation »


Industrial customers

In our experience, the more a customer uses indoor positioning first-hand, the more they understand the opportunities it offers.

Once industrial Iiwari customers have learned the basics with a small and practical use case, such as the positioning of tools, they soon realise that the same positioning system can also be used to measure lead times in production. This, in turn, helps them improve the efficiency of the whole factory.

We often come up with new use cases along the way that are tailored to the customer’s specific needs. The possibilities are endless.


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Smarter decisions with positioning data

Data, data analysis and the ability to interpret the results always lead to action, smarter decisions and more efficiency. By taking advantage of positioning data, you can improve the efficiency of many processes and increase profitability.

Indoor positioning makes the invisible visible. Guesswork is a thing of the past; all decisions can be based on measurement data. Indoor positioning complements the existing WMS or ERP systems by providing real-time positioning data for items, production equipment and forklifts. Your data becomes much more valuable for your customers.


One example of Iiwari’s positioning accuracy

The video shows just how accurate indoor positioning is. And it has so many uses beyond tracking an ice skater – there are plenty of potential applications for all industries.


An easy way to test how positioning works on your or your customers’ premises: Iiwari Development Kit

Iiwari Development Kit

You will receive an easy-to-use, mobile indoor positioning kit that allows you to test how positioning works over around 1800 square metres of office space, for instance. The set includes the necessary equipment, an intuitive user interface (Iiwari Dashboard) and an API for software development. Installing the Iiwari Development Kit is easy, but we are also happy to help you if needed.

The Iiwari Development Kit costs just €2,900 (+ VAT).


Order the Iiwari Development Kit here »


In the positioning business, it’s important to work together with other companies. This is why we are actively looking for partners in enterprise resource planning, warehouse management, retail, system integration, safety and security. As the spectrum of application areas is so broad, we are welcoming partnerships to scale up our internationalisation and growth.


Teemu Lätti

Teemu Lätti, CTO

As a CTO Teemu ensures that the company's technological offering meets the market requirements and leads the development team making it happen. He likes to have understanding of all aspects of the product and improve it with experts. Teemu has been working with technology for over 25 years as expert, team leader and entrepreneur.

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