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Easy asset tracking in healthcare

By Kaarina Päivinen

Asset Tracking

In hospitals, nursing facilities or first aid stations, there are many portable valuable medical devices that are sometimes lost and it takes a lot of time to find them. Finding them quickly is very important both in terms of work efficiency and patient safety.

Easy asset tracking makes work more efficient and improves patient safety.

Unnecessary searching for things can lead to dangerous situations and result in a lot of extra walking every day and therefore assigned unproductive work. It can be a matter of looking for a common TV remote control or a transportable hospital device or the one that gave the maintenance alarm. Hospitals, nursing facilities or first aid stations have many portable valuable medical devices such as oxygen cylinders, bladder scanners, blood pressure monitors etc. Devices are lost and it takes a lot of time to locate them. Easy asset tracking in healthcare facilities is very important in terms of both work efficiency and patient safety.


Improving the operational efficiency of facilities with limited resources

The positioning system enables real-time monitoring of devices and provides reliable information about their location, status and device-specific maintenance.

Continuous monitoring of the hundreds of medical devices in the facilities significantly improves the functional and financial efficiency of the facility and the ability of the staff to continue providing high-quality care while maintaining patient safety.

Accurate digital equipment inventory management is essential to get the most out of limited resources. How many ventilators are there in the hospital? How many are in good condition? How many are in use? And where are they? What about beds or wheelchairs? Medical centers, hospitals and first aid stations manage complex operations that can be supported by a modern and compatible digital positioning and management system. When the necessary equipment, components and colleagues can be found easily, work efficiency and satisfaction increase immediately.


Positioning saves work time and money

Often, the use cases of searching for goods are downplayed until the work time spent on them is measured. The working time spent on such a search in a year means a significant amount of money, and it is starting to interest the management of the institution looking for savings.

Such a small thing for patient safety; when the location of the equipment is immediately known, the caregivers’ working time is not spent searching for the goods and they have more time for the most important, i.e. nursing work.


Increasing the utilization rate of the devices brings more savings

Device utilization can even be doubled by using indoor positioning for location tracking. When equipment is never lost again, much less equipment needs to be acquired for the facility.


User-friendly system

Iiwari’s positioning system includes positioning tags that can be attached to devices, and base stations that can be easily attached to walls. An accurate and reliable system tracks the location of goods, equipment and people in real time. The accuracy of the location information is less than a meter, so even the smallest device can be found.

Iiwari’s dashboard allows users to see the real-time location of goods/equipment/personnel, make searches or use reports. The staff’s mobile devices carry the location information of important devices or colleagues at all times.

Iiwari care app views


We offer comprehensive support and training to ensure that our customers get the best possible benefit from our positioning system. Continuous customer support and regular training sessions are part of our service.


The use of positioning in healthcare is a growing trend.

There are daily challenges in the management and organization of health care, which can be eased with indoor positioning technology. It is about rationalizing the work of the healthcare institution. Indoor positioning helps you focus on what’s important, for quality treatment.

The indoor positioning system can also be installed in old buildings, installation is easy, and UWB (Ultra-Wide band) positioning devices do not interfere with sensitive hospital equipment at all, they are completely safe to use in hospital environments.


Reliable and efficient

Iiwari Tracking Solutions offers a reliable and efficient solution for tracking goods, equipment and personnel. Its UWB technology, guaranteed operational reliability, integrability of systems and user experience have strengthened its competitive advantage in healthcare. We have received excellent feedback from our customers who have experienced significant improvements in their operations thanks to Iiwari’s system.

Iiwari’s system is the best we’ve ever used.”Marja-Liisa Tervo, Director of Service home Lähde

The municipality of Kvinesdal is the first in Norway to adopt this modern health technology. Torhild Kvinlaug, unit director of the municipality of Kvinesdal, is pleased with the new technology.

It’s about finding time thieves in everyday life. We know that there will be fewer hands in healthcare in the next few years. We have to work smarter and not just run faster, says Kvinlaug.

Iiwari’s system is designed to be energy efficient, which reduces the carbon footprint of the healthcare facility and helps save system costs in the long run.


Integrability with the ERP system

Integrating the positioning system into the enterprise resource planning system is important for a large facility. Iiwari’s system has an open API interface, which makes integration with other systems such as HIS (Hospital Information System) or HMS (Healthcare Management System) easy.

Iiwari uses the latest data security technologies and adheres to strict privacy policies. Our system is constantly evolving, and we offer regular updates to ensure our customers always have the latest technology at their disposal.

An easy way to test the functionality of the positioning in your own or the customer’s premises is the Healthcare positioning starter kit, which can also be used as part of a later larger installation.

Read more about the use of positioning in healthcare »


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