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Easy installation of the UWB system

Easy installation of the UWB system UWB-järjestelmän helppo asennus

An accurate and cost-effective, near-wireless system is easy to install. The great strength of Iiwari’s indoor positioning solution is that positioning does not require a large investment in equipment and even an old building can be made smart quickly.

Price and benefit meet in indoor positioning, finally!

The spread of scalable and efficient indoor positioning has been slowed down in the past by its high cost. Now the Finnish company Iiwari Tracking Solutions is revolutionizing the industry with a solution it has developed that is at the same time extremely accurate, affordable and easy to install. Easy installation of the UWB system is finally possible!

Simple system and easy installation

The indoor positioning market is growing globally in several industries, from retail stores to smart offices, mines and healthcare environments. When the exact location of objects and people is known in real time, processes become more efficient, material flows speed up and safety increases.

One bottleneck for greater deployment of indoor positioning has been the lack of an accurate and cost-effective system. Not anymore. The high-precision system of Iiwari Tracking Solutions, an expert in indoor positioning solutions, locates a stationary object with an accuracy of less than 10 cm and a moving object with an accuracy of less than 50 cm. Iiwari’s patented solution utilizes Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology based on radio signals.

“It was a pleasure to experience how fast the Iiwari solution was installed at the Smartcarelab in Stavanger. The system has huge potential in utilizing real time location systems in both new and old buildings as the infrastructural part is really fast and easy. We look forward to experiencing the system over time, and that technology and accuracy is Incredible.”

Gunnar Hansen
Head of Hospital Business Sector, Haltian

The advantage comes from a simple system and easy installation

The great strength of Iiwari’s indoor positioning solution is that the positioning does not require large investments in equipment and even an old building can be made smart with quickly. Finally, the benefits of positioning – efficiency, safety, speed – are combined at an affordable price.

In fact, Iiwari’s high-precision positioning system consists of only three different components. The location tag sends its location information to the base stations and the base station is connected to the Gateway device, which in turn is connected to the cloud service.

Almost wireless system, less installation time, less cost

When the indoor positioning system is so clear and simple, its installation is quick. In particular, since the system is built with wireless components it has a significant advantage over the other indoor positioning systems and it is fast to install.

The development of the Iiwari system has focused on easy and effortless installation. Simply, one can say that Iiwari has a ready-made package that is just lifted to the ceiling and indoor positioning can begin.

Of course, the customer is interested in how long the work will take, whether the walls and ceilings need to be open, and whether the work can be done during office hours. The ease of installation is also well illustrated by the fact that Iiwari’s base stations are implemented as surface mounting with their own mechanics directly on the light rails, wall and ceiling brackets and 95% of the gear is wireless.

Quick and easy installation is possible even without an electrician

In Iiwari’s indoor positioning solution, the elements are connected to each other with ready-made connectors. No special tools or even an electrician is usually needed for installation.

“With the help of the new installation videos, the installation can be done by almost anyone who knows how to use a cordless drill and a screwdriver and is able to climb the ladder,” says Pekka Lahtinen, Iiwari’s Installation Designer.

Speed ​​is also an asset of Iiwari. In an open unified space, a medium-sized retail store can be equipped with an accurate and comprehensive indoor positioning system in a day. Or really at night, because for work and customer safety, you always have to think about the right time for installation. For example, in a store, the area under construction must be isolated from customers, and when there is only a moment at one point, it takes more time to isolate the area than to install it. That is why the work in the shops is mainly done at night.

The world’s best indoor positioning solution

Developed by Iiwari, the world’s most accurate indoor positioning system is using its customers’ applications to make multi-industry operations more efficient, streamlined and secure, one or a thousand locations at a time.
Stay tuned and feel free to contact us with any questions:

Esa Viljamaa, COO
+358 400 911 201

Ville Kolehmainen, CEO
+358 50 352 6458


Iiwari Tracking Solutions

Iiwari Tracking Solutions, a pioneer in indoor positioning, has its roots in the Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT) and long-term UWB research. Iiwari innovates in cost-effective network solutions and products based on UWB technology aimed at increasingly accurate and reliable indoor positioning.

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