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The issue of waste in grocery stores is IMMENSE.

By Kaarina Päivinen


Annually, stores lose over $100 billion globally due to waste, around €260 million in Finland alone (approximately 1.2% of sales/PTK ry).

Current methods such as streamlining logistics and ordering processes, as well as reducing prices of soon-to-expire products (using red and yellow discount tags), do work, but their efficiency can still be improved.

How to reduce wastage?

Labeling soon-to-expire items and improving the visibility of discounted products make them easier for customers to find. With minor adjustments, sales of labeled items can increase, and waste can be reduced.


A Solution for Waste Reduction and Time Saving

In collaboration with the innovative staff of K-Supermarket in Vuokatti, Iiwari has developed the Store Manager application, which:

  • Reduces waste and improves profitability
  • Optimizes store processes and working hours
  • Enhances customer experience
  • In the pilot location, waste decreased by 34% annually, saving 16 hours per week.


Store Manager Facilitates Store Employee Tasks

Employees manage product placement and expiry information.

Initially, all products are checked, as has been done daily. The last sale dates of products are recorded in the Store Manager application.

During subsequent checks, instead of, for example, 500 products, there are only 10 to review, with the Store Manager app indicating their precise locations. Checking can be done optimally, without requiring department/category expertise, by anyone efficiently.


Store Manager Streamlines the Work of Store Managers

  • Effective management of all product expiry dates
  • Checking expiry dates requires fewer resources and no departmental knowledge.
  • Practically, one person can inspect the entire store.
  • Facilitates work scheduling.


Benefits of the Store Manager System

Based on pilot data:

  • All expiring products are labeled.
  • The system prompts timely checks of less frequently inspected products.
  • Sales of labeled items increase, and waste decreases.
  • Hours needed for expiry checks decrease, saving up to 16 hours per week.
  • Customers can easily find discounted items through the application.

*Results obtained from a 1500 m2 grocery store.


Sustainability is Better Business

Reducing waste is a significant economically, ecologically, and image-wise opportunity for grocery stores, especially when communicated effectively to customers.

Store Manager, actively focused on waste reduction, is a responsible solution that’s easy to communicate and can be concretely demonstrated to customers daily. Customers also want to act ecologically and be part of the solution. So, what better message than “Let’s reduce waste together!”?


Iiwari’s Solution for reducing wastage

  • Enhances the store’s responsibility
  • Brings significant financial and operational benefits
  • Improves customer experience


How Store Manager Works?

  • Iiwari’s indoor positioning system is installed in the store.
  • The Iiwari Store Manager app maintains product expiry dates.
  • The app is installed on the store employee’s device (e.g., Honeywell), with a positioning tag attached.
  • When an employee scans a product barcode and notes the expiry date, the system also records the product’s location.
  • If the employee prints a discount coupon, which is then attached to the product’s EAN code, real-time availability of discounted items can be maintained.

Customers can view a list of discounted items and their locations by scanning a QR code with their smartphones, for example, from an advertisement at the entrance. (Pilot results have been achieved without this step.)


Other Possibilities of Positioning

  • Directing salespeople to departments according to the number and flow of customers or at the customer’s request.
  • The location information of the products makes both shelving and picking more efficient.
  • Analysis of product placement and store layout based on customer flow data.
  • Real-time location of important equipment and colleagues saves time and money.
  • Monitoring of cleaning cart routes / working time distribution.
  • Speeds up warehouse work.
  • Increase in sales and customer satisfaction:
    • Product location information for customers
    • Location-based advertising

Explore the use of location data in the retail sector »

If you have any questions about waste reduction or saving time, we’re happy to provide more information!

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Kaarina Päivinen

Kaarina Päivinen, Marketing Manager

A broad-based marketing professional who gets excited about the company's strategic development; how should we act to be successful?

A passionate Brand Guard and heart of communication who understands the pulse of the company.

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