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Indoor Positioning in Healthcare: Great Results From Case Municipality of Kvinesdal

By Esa Viljamaa

Indoor positioning in Healthcare

How Iiwari location system helped more efficiently manage processes in the care of the elderly in the municipality of Kvinesdal in Norway.

The use of positioning in healthcare is a growing trend.

But what is Indoor Positioning in Healthcare? Let’s get to know case Kvinesdal:

In the care of the elderly in the municipality of Kvinesdal in Norway, it was considered how to run the operation effectively in a large, 1,300 m2 nursing home.

As the use of positioning in healthcare is a growing trend, the municipality of Kvinesdal also seized the opportunity to streamline its operations with new technology.

The areas of development were the management of the nursing home, measuring the level of care and reducing social contacts during the pandemic. Monitoring of equipment and persons in the space was also necessary for general safety and operational efficiency.

Easy installation of positioning system

An Iiwari location system was installed in the space, and staff were provided with an easy-to-use mobile application to manage service events and monitor equipment movements.

After a short training period, the staff uses the help of the positioning system in their daily work.

The results are great:

  • Easier management of maintenance and alarm events.
  • Super-fast search for goods and equipment, which reduces staff waste time.
  • Equipment utilization can be verified and made more efficient.
  • Security during the pandemic could be improved

With Iiwari indoor positioning system we can now more efficiently manage our processes and track important events in real-time.”Svein Skårdal, Coordinator eHealth and welfare technology, Kvinesdal Municipality

Reporting routines automatically

Positioning allows you to automatically measure the time spent by the caregiver close to the patient in real time. Historical data can be viewed within the desired time interval and analyzed whether working time goes to patient work or something else.

A few examples of cases that positioning allows:

  • Full monitoring of caregiver movements throughout the site, excluding certain areas if needed.
  • Ability to see when a caregiver enters a patient’s room.
  • How many and which spaces did the nurses visit and how long did they spend in each room
  • By space type visited and nurse positions, the amount of time spent in each task type can be measured. The time spent for the direct caregiving tasks can be registered and the quality of the caregiving ensured. 

Hoitokodin metriikkaa2

Automatic creation of diary entries

Entering a specific state automatically creates an event that is recorded in an automatic journal and reduces unnecessary manual routine work.

It is also automatically seen how caregivers move during the day. By the movements, the efficiency of a site layout or efficiency of patient type locationing can be easily analysed. 

Emergency button

HC alert 2560x1000

There are a variety of conditions in a nursing home that put both staff and patients at sudden risk with help needed quickly. Although old infrastructure or existing technology does not serve the need for rapid response, indoor positioning can solve this easily. 

When caregivers carry a tag with an emergency button, help can be immediately directedto the right room. Other caregivers receive live notification of a potential emergency and can identify the source and location through a mobile app. Vital minutes can be spared upon arrival of assistance.

Saving time in this way will help improve overall psychological safety in the nursing home and provide better care for all concerned.

Iiwari Tracking Solutions

Iiwari Tracking Solutions, a pioneer in indoor positioning, has its roots in the Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT) and long-term UWB research. Iiwari innovates in cost-effective network solutions and products based on UWB technology aimed at increasingly accurate and reliable indoor positioning.


We help you understand what location is used for and how it could improve your facility and processes.

We offer access to indoor positioning, from a free demonstration to a thorough expert assessment of the suitability of the positioning for your company.

  1. See the positioning accuracy yourself – Book a virtual 20 min demo for free.
  2. Test the functionality of positioning with Iiwari Development Kit.
  3. Learn from our experts how you can improve efficiency with location information.

Esa Viljamaa

Esa Viljamaa, COO

Esa carries forward the work started at VTT regarding the commercialisation of state-of-the-art technology and innovations. Esa's heart beats for product development tailored to customer needs.

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