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Positioning in a nursing home saves time

By Kaarina Päivinen

Positioning in a nursing home Paikannus hoivakodissa

The health care staff of Fjotlandsheimen in the municipality of Kvinesdal uses the new Iiwari positioning technology and has succeeded in making their operations more efficient.

The nurses allowed themselves to be followed at work – and saved a lot of time!

Many large care facilities have the same problem: Nurses spend a lot of time looking for each other and equipment at work. The unnecessary search for colleagues and devices during the working day makes work inefficient and frustrates employees. During the working day, several kilometers are walked in just useless searching.

By implementing the help of location technology, you can spend more time on professional tasks and residents, instead of spending a lot of time looking for employees.

There is no need to look for colleagues or equipment anymore

Employees have small tracking tags that can be placed on the back of their work phone or on items they often have to find. Tracking tags send signals to receivers installed in all rooms, which transmit the signals to a large screen in the nurses’ central room.

In this way, employees can see where all colleagues and important objects are at all times. Then they don’t have to search. The location information of colleagues and devices can also be seen in the accompanying mobile application.

Location data findings can save time

The system also offers other useful information. Residents who require more care time than others can be identified from the nurses’ route information and moved closer to the nurses’ central room. A shorter walk has been shown to save up to 45 minutes of nurses’ working time per day!

Positioning in a nursing home: Kvinesdal is a pioneer

The municipality of Kvinesdal is among the first in Norway to adopt this health technology. Torhild Kvinlaug, unit director of the municipality of Kvinesdal, is pleased with the new technology.

It’s about finding time thieves in everyday life. We know that there will be fewer hands in healthcare in the next few years. We have to work smarter and not just run faster,” says Kvinlaug.

Doesn’t feel controlled

I don’t feel supervised,” says nurse Marita Gyland. The use of a tracking tag is voluntary, but everyone recognizes the immediate benefits of tracking and wants to use the new technology because it makes their own work easier. “The system uses color codes for the location of different groups of nurses, so names do not have to appear in the system,” Gyland continues. Nurse Marita Gyland thinks that the working day is better with the new technology.

Can be used as an emergency alarm

It increases safety for the nurses if something urgent happens with the patients,” says Torhild Kvinlaug, unit director of Kvinesdal municipality.

The tracking tag has a button that can be pressed to trigger an alarm. In the event of an emergency alarm, both a voice and a text message are sent to the phones of all employees, and it is easy to see which room needs help. Location information helps to get a colleague’s help to the place quickly, without wasting any time.

The Norwegian public broadcaster NRK reports on our satisfied customers in Kvinesdal, Norway.

You can read the article here»
(The story is in Norwegian, with the Chrome add-on you can translate it into English.)

You can access the news video here »
(With English subtitles)

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