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The modern log house factory utilizes indoor positioning to automatically measure production and improve efficiency.

By Ville Kolehmainen

Indoor positioning improves production efficiency

Salvos’ modern log construction plant in Pyhäntä utilizes indoor positioning for many different needs. At Salvos, the Iiwari system is a measurement system specifically designed to increase production efficiency. It measures production turnaround time and locates lost tools efficiently, saving working time.

Indoor positioning improves production efficiency


In the video, CEO Jeremias Koskelo talks about his experiences with Iiwari’s indoor positioning.

The birth story of Salvos is interesting

Salvos’ business idea developed into its current form from the social responsibility of the construction business. In place of the canceled construction site, Eino Koskelo came up with the idea of ​​bringing his own cottage frame into the hall to make it a yard sauna to get his employees employed. From this first log frame, they made 3 courtyard saunas, 2 playhouses and 2 doghouses. At the same time, Eino planned what kind of product is good to build in the hall, how it can be easily transported to the customer and what building regulations are involved in the process.

This social responsibility gave rise to the whole idea that log buildings can be built indoors in the factory and protected from the weather.

Salvos today

Today, Salvos is a solid domestic family business with a committed, development-minded staff. Modern systems are being introduced smoothly as it is seen how digitalisation makes everyday work easier.

Employees are also committed to jointly set goals, which can be achieved by measuring, for example, production lead time or how much time is spent at each stage of production. This information is obtained automatically and on a site-by-site basis using the Iiwari location system.

“Development is impossible without measurement and set goals, and set goals cannot be achieved without measurement.” – Jeremias Koskelo, CEO, Salvos

The measurement is done automatically, but the most important step is to analyze the data and implement the development measures according to the information received. Development cooperation with Iiwari will continue, as the experience of utilizing location technology will increase with Salvos as experience is gained.

Gradual introduction of the system

First, indoor location was used to reduce the time spent searching for lost tools unnecessarily.

The problem in the factory was with rarer, more valuable tools because there aren’t very many of them in the factory. They were used between different workstations and were easily left in the wrong place after use. The next person in need of the tool then had to spend time searching. When this futile search is repeated from one day to the next, it accumulates quite a lot of wasted working time each year, which could have been used even more productively. Instead of purchasing your own expensive tool for each workstation, Iiwari’s system shows, at a glance, from the large screen in the factory hall, where the tool to be retrieved is right now.

We’ve tried all sorts of experiments, from coloring the tools to the color of the workstation. However, the tools disappeared. With the Iiwari system, the problem was solved at once and cost-effectively.” – Jeremias Koskelo, CEO, Salvos

The finding of the tools sparked Salvos’ interest in Iiwari’s system, as the opportunity to measure modern production and thereby improve efficiency was immediately apparent.

At Salvos, the Iiwari system is primarily a measurement system designed to increase production efficiency.

Bringing new technology to a very traditional Finnish industry has been an easy process for Salvos. Not all goals were achieved immediately, but measurable issues were addressed one at a time. From tool location to comprehensive factory efficiency measurement.

“Iiwari’s delivery and installation process worked really well. It has been nice to develop the operation and product together with Iiwari. Iiwari has listened well to the needs of its customers.” – Jeremias Koskelo, CEO, Salvos

The future of fruitful cooperation

From here on, Iiwari and Salvos will continue to do development cooperation.

There is coming up a new, much more cost-effective solution from Iiwari, which means that we will continue to work together.” – Ville Kolehmainen, CEO, Iiwari


We help you understand what location is used for and how it could improve your facility and processes.

We offer access to indoor positioning, from a free demonstration to a thorough expert assessment of the suitability of the positioning for your company.

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Iiwari Tracking Solutions

Iiwari Tracking Solutions, a pioneer in indoor positioning, has its roots in the Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT) and long-term UWB research. Iiwari innovates in cost-effective network solutions and products based on UWB technology aimed at increasingly accurate and reliable indoor positioning.

Ville Kolehmainen

Ville Kolehmainen, CEO

One of the founders of the company, who, after searching for a reliable indoor location service around the world, decided to start such a company himself after finding a world-class developer of uwb technology in his neighborhood. Visionary commercial and industrial developer.

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