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Real-time location-based Battle Royal

By Mikael Hautala

Reaaliaikainen sijaintiin perustuva peli

Taking the gaming experience to a new level with Real-time location-based Battle Royal developed together with KAMK’s gaming students, Superpark Vuokatti, Megazone and Iiwari.

You are made to move and have fun TOGETHER

Why do you want to go to activity parks? What fascinates in them? Okay, in bad weather kids need to get something to do inside so they don’t climb walls at home. It is a mere rest of the nerves for adults when children are made to move (rampage) elsewhere. But what about adults? How boring it is to sit in a playground cafe reading and waiting for the offspring to move enough! How much more fun it would be for the whole family dynamics to play together so that everyone will enjoy themselves!

The core idea of ​​action parks is that “you are made to move and have fun TOGETHER”. For an activity park to be successful, it must offer immersive and experiential activities for all ages. For customers to return, they need to experience that, whatever the fun, it’s really worth a visit!

How to make customers move more?

How do action parks attract their customers marinated in mobile and console games to move more together? How do the spaces in an ordinary building cope with digital temptations?

It is good to remember that the space itself has value and can be further enhanced by technology. Indoor positioning changes the perception of how activity park space can be used and that is fascinating!

Enhanced fun in an existing space

The existing facilities can be taken to a whole new experiential level with the help of technology. Imagine that the entire facilities of an activity park could be put into a laser gun game!

Megazone, best known for its laser gun games, has tried to play group games in a larger space (than Megazone itself), but there has been a problem: The area is far too large. Players “get lost” and are too far from the action and apart. The game is difficult to control in real time.

So technology is needed to help. Together with KAMK’s gaming students, Superpark Vuokatti and Megazone, Iiwari set out to study how well indoor positioning works to improve the gaming experience and manage a large group of players. And it works!


Real-time location-based Battle Royal

A game was developed that combines laser warfare equipment, indoor location information and the large space of the entire Activity Park. An exciting real-time location-based game controlled by a shrinking virtual superstorm, like in Battle Royal. Indoor positioning controls the game area and players’ real-time locations are always visible to all players in the mobile app. The duration of the game is limited and progresses naturally towards the end as the playing area decreases.

There will be a whole new level of gaming when the space is big and still manageable. The players move around in a big space, focusing on the game and everyone has fun. There are virtual zones in the game that teams must take over for themselves. You can see the zones from the mobile application. Opponents must be eliminated by shooting with a laser gun and, of course, protecting yourself and your own team. You should not stay in the superstorm area or lose points, so players will move naturally towards the end point of the game.


Test Team Judgment: IT WORKS!

The Iiwarians got to test the game in Superpark Vuokatti and we had an unparalleled experience! We would like to share this fun and physical experience with numerous others. The game has been developed and tested to work, but the students who developed the game will continue with other studies. What is needed now is a partner who wants to develop the invention, combine laser data and a mobile application into an even more functional whole, than in the demo phase, and perhaps create a whole new industry for indoor theme parks. How cool is that?


The value of the infrastructure

Managing a large game space and crowd is hugely interesting. Once an indoor positioning system is installed, there is much more to it than just gaming.

It is important to give partners the opportunity to increase the value of their experience in indoor parks / malls. The value of the infrastructure. Cafes, gift shops, getaway rooms, gyms, cleaners and other service providers in indoor amusement parks / malls are all potential users of services based on the real-time location of the “private network”. When the idea is expanded in this way, we see how good the chances of sharing the cost of the location network are. The location network can be thought of as a wi-fi or electrical network; by paying the subscription fee, you get the benefits of using it.

The Iiwari people and KAMK students had an interesting and fun process in developing Real-time location-based Battle Royal. This trailer gives you an idea of how much fun.

Did this text generate ideas? Who wants to start developing a new industry for indoor theme parks?

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Mikael Hautala

Mikael Hautala, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

A real Business Accelerator Mikael has a long history of starting his own businesses ranging from media to technology. As the founder and CEO of Industryhack, Mikael has experience from over 614 co-creation experiments, 104 PoCs and 45 development projects for large companies where new businesses and services were built.

Unprejudiced and always open to the new, Mikael has been involved in organizing crowdfunding of charity events and has received great media attention for them in unusual ways.

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