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Revolutionizing Safety and Efficiency with Indoor Positioning Technology

By Kaarina Päivinen

Safety with Indoor Positioning, Nurse alarm system Turvallisuus paremmaksi sisätilapaikannuksen avulla. Hoitajahälytysjärjestelmä

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring workplace safety, enhancing efficiency, and providing exceptional customer experiences are paramount. Indoor positioning technology has emerged as a transformative solution, promising a future where everything indoors is precisely tracked, leading to unprecedented levels of safety and efficiency.

Here are six perspectives to consider when exploring security solutions and indoor positioning opportunities:


1. Efficiency Redefined:

Indoor positioning minimizes the time spent searching for items and equipment in workplaces, significantly boosting productivity. By accurately tracking staff and assets, businesses can streamline operations, reduce delays, and enhance overall efficiency.

2. Enhanced Workplace Safety:

The technology offers real-time tracking, enabling proactive measures to prevent accidents. Whether in industrial settings or large offices, indoor positioning ensures that employees and equipment are always accounted for. Swift responses to emergencies are made possible, minimizing potential risks and ensuring a secure work environment.

3. Customer Safety and Satisfaction:

In public spaces like amusement parks or shopping malls, indoor positioning plays a crucial role in ensuring customer safety and satisfaction. Parents can keep track of their children, preventing distressing situations. Businesses can provide additional devices for location tracking, enhancing the overall customer experience.

4. Revolutionizing Occupational Safety:

The employee alert system elevates workplace safety not only in healthcare facilities but also in large buildings like hotels and prisons. A nurse, hotel maid, or prison guard facing a danger can quickly summon help with a location-based alert system. Upon receiving an alert, a colleague knows precisely where the emergency is and can respond immediately. Precise positioning saves life-saving seconds or even minutes.

5. Technological Advancements:

Utilizing Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, indoor positioning operates seamlessly. It offers unparalleled precision and cost-effectiveness, calculating location, distance, and direction with unprecedented accuracy. Integrating indoor and outdoor positioning capabilities, along with predictive data and real-time analytics, ensures quick responses to emergencies and enhances overall safety protocols.

6. Iiwari Tracking Solutions:

At the forefront of indoor positioning technology is Iiwari Tracking Solutions. Rooted in extensive UWB research, Iiwari offers innovative, cost-effective network solutions that redefine workplace safety and efficiency. Our expertise ensures that workplaces are not only secure but also technologically advanced, paving the way for a safer and more productive future.


Indoor positioning technology is not just a trend; it’s a necessity in today’s dynamic world. By embracing this cutting-edge solution, businesses can create environments where safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction thrive, shaping a brighter and more secure future for everyone involved.




How enhancing safety through location tracking is possible in factories, warehouses, hospitals and nursing homes as well as in hotels and prisons?

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Kaarina Päivinen

Kaarina Päivinen, Marketing Manager

A broad-based marketing professional who gets excited about the company's strategic development; how should we act to be successful?

A passionate Brand Guard and heart of communication who understands the pulse of the company.

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