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Significant annual savings by optimizing forklift routes!

By Kaarina Päivinen

Optimizing forklift routes brings significant annual savings.

Knowing the real-time location of tools, equipment and staff improves efficiency in any industry.

Optimizing forklift routes brings significant annual savings.

One human mistake in picking and the forklift goes 30 seconds in the wrong direction. Doesn’t sound like much, this is just normal in large warehouse environments. Think about how this multiplies when forklifts move 3,000 rollers a day in a large warehouse. And of course, there are even bigger stocks.

If  this 30-second error is removed, it would mean an annual saving of up to € 200,000 *. Every development manager should be interested in such job optimization.

* An illustrative simplified example was calculated as follows:

5000 rollers / day x 30 sec (0.5 min) faster route / roller = 2500 min / day = 41.6 h / day = 14583 h / year (Assuming the warehouse is operational 350 days a year)

In the example, a calculated hourly wage of € 23 was used

Optimization of collection routes is possible with the help of goods location information with the Iiwari system.

A small repair has a big effect!

Investing in an indoor positioning system is investing in safety and productivity. Indoor positioning can be used to reduce risk situations and optimize material flows in industry.

Ensuring safety through indoor positioning is an important new way to improve working conditions. Anticipating and avoiding accidents helps to prevent accidents at work and enables work to proceed as desired.

In industry, there are great benefits to positioning

The pioneer of indoor positioning is the Finnish Iiwari Tracking Solutions. COO Esa Viljamaa sees the improvements in safety brought about by indoor positioning in industry, construction, mining, care services and mass events.

“Iiwari’s software provides real-time visibility of the movement routes and speeds of both humans and machines. Accidents and collisions can be prevented by slowing down the speed of autonomous machines in advance.”
According to Viljamaa, one significant application for indoor positioning can be found in maintenance outages in heavy industry. The maintenance of industrial plants is a large and demanding operation, during which hundreds of subcontractors can enter the plant in the process industry. In this situation, accurate indoor positioning helps to manage the situation so that the right people are in the right place at the right time and avoid risk situations. With the help of positioning, subcontractors can be guided to the safest route and show where maintenance is needed. The possibilities for use are further expanded when other information obtained by sensors is combined with location data.

Watch the video location matters in emergencies and in process optimization:

Do you want to:

Reduce incorrect forklift travel?

Navigate the forklifts with the tablet to the nearest product?

Simulate warehouse operation to be optimal?

With indoor positioning, this is possible.

We help you understand what location is used for and how it could improve your facility and processes.

We offer access to indoor positioning, from a free demonstration to a thorough expert assessment of the suitability of the positioning for your company.

  1. Get to know the possibilities of RTLS analytics
  2. See the positioning accuracy yourself – Book a virtual 20 min demo for free.
  3. Test the functionality of positioning with Iiwari Development Kit.
  4. Learn from our experts how you can improve efficiency with location information.

Iiwari Tracking Solutions

Iiwari Tracking Solutions, a pioneer in indoor positioning, has its roots in the Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT) and long-term UWB research. Iiwari innovates in cost-effective network solutions and products based on UWB technology aimed at increasingly accurate and reliable indoor positioning.

Kaarina Päivinen

Kaarina Päivinen, Marketing Manager

A broad-based marketing professional who gets excited about the company's strategic development; how should we act to be successful?

A passionate Brand Guard and heart of communication who understands the pulse of the company.

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