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10 ways in which indoor positioning will revolutionise our daily working lives

By Jukka Kämäräinen


Did you know that the technology for positioning any item at the accuracy of 10cm is ready and available? Iiwari Tracking Solutions builds on years of development, and the outcome may revolutionise many aspects of our daily lives.

What is indoor positioning?

Indoor positioning refers to technology that can be used to track the location of any marked object in real time. Iiwari’s indoor tracking system is based on high-accuracy UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) technology which utilises radio signals for positioning purposes. The UWB operates outside congested ISM bands and does not interfere with or cause interference to other radio signals. This is a huge safety and security factor in facilities with accurate measurement equipment, such as hospitals or the electronics industry.

An increasing need for scalable and affordable, easy-to-use indoor positioning systems is emerging around the globe. In this article, we list ten practical examples of the different applications for indoor positioning and the ways in which it will facilitate our day-to-day lives.

1. No more lost items

Lost an important tool right when you need it? The distinctly human problems of working life, such as this, may seem small and insignificant as such. They tend to cumulate and snowball over months and years, however, leading to significant impacts.

With automation and accurate location information, materials and tools are found faster. This means more efficient working time when no time is spent searching. This also means getting orders out the door faster and with more revenue. The right technology may as much as double the utilisation rate of tools.

2. Material flow optimisation saves time and money

Efficient logistics make everything easier. Smooth logistical processes are like a skilful dancer’s movement – it all appears easy and effortless but stems from a highly precise and rigorously honed choreography.

From inventory management in consumer trade to managing material flows in large-scale industry, UWB technology opens the door to precision on a whole new level. Efficiency in logistics shortens loading times and thus the need to work overtime when things can be done faster. And best of all, the efficiency of logistics makes it possible to increase production without increasing production facilities!

3. Saving lives with indoor positioning solutions for healthcare

Healthcare environments are prime examples of locations where the real-time positioning of both people and equipment improves safety and efficiency.

To name a few applications, the new technology can be used to monitor treatment duration and intensity, track critical equipment and create rotas for nurses based on actual needs verified with data. Caregivers can receive live notification of a potential emergency and can identify the source and location through a mobile app.

This benefits patients and staff members alike and can even help save lives.

4. Indoor positioning in retail serves both shop owners and customers

Has the layout in your local supermarket changed recently? This may well have resulted from the shop owner deploying an indoor positioning system. Indoor positioning in retail is important as retail trade is a massive business in which every single detail is carefully considered, including product positions along your route through the store. Indoor positioning provides valuable data on customer preferences and habits. This data can be used to arrange products in an attractive and efficient way. In-store customer flow monitoring can also help reduce queue times and congestion.

5. Boost sales with targeted advertising

Indoor positioning enables hyper-precise targeted advertising. This allows advertisers to reach customers in-store at exactly the right time and in exactly the right place. When each message lands as customers are at their most receptive, this increases the value of the average purchase. Retail outlets have verified a sales increase of up to 20% through smart shopping carts and targeted advertising.

6. Indoor positioning will soon be everywhere

In the past, the utilisation of indoor positioning has been held back by the complexity of its technical implementation which required extensive on-site installation. Iiwari’s technology overcomes all these previous challenges. The new solution is not only supremely accurate but also structurally light, which also makes it well-suited for smaller projects.

The complete positioning service only comprises three types of components, which is why it can be installed quickly and easily. In years to come, indoor positioning is sure to become much more commonplace in retail trade and other types of customer service.

7. Optimising warehouse routes behind the scenes of online trade

The race against the clock is one of the key challenges in online trade. Products must be picked, packed and shipped at a blinding speed, as the 2020s customer is demanding and wants their orders delivered right away.

The time spent on picking online orders can be halved by taking advantage of UWB technology. This benefits the vendor through reduced employee costs and the customer through faster deliveries.

8. Always optimal rotas – smart working hour monitoring based on verified data

Indoor positioning can be used to monitor the processes of practically any work task involving people. By determining the duration and location of each work phase, and any related transitions, an optimal level of on-site labour can be ensured at all times by creating optimised rotas. This prevents downtime and labour shortages.

9. Handle accidents efficiently – UWB-based positioning data supports rescue work

A fire or other accident in a large space always poses a challenge to rescue workers. Who were inside the building, where were they at the time of the incident, and are they now safe? Indoor positioning answers all these questions in real time without guesswork. Positioning data can also be used pre-emptively when drawing up a rescue plan.

10. Iiwari is the new standard for indoor positioning

The UWB technology can be aptly compared to GPS or Wi-Fi. Just a few years back, both these technologies were brand-new and familiar to few, but they quickly took off and turned into global standards not many of us would today care to live without. Iiwari’s indoor positioning technology follows the same trend. Soon, no one will remember what it felt like to lose things.

Iiwari Tracking Solutions Oy, a pioneer in indoor positioning, has its roots in VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) and the organisation’s long-term UWB research. Iiwari focuses on innovating cost-efficient UWB-based online solutions and products for increasingly precise and reliable indoor positioning.


We help you understand what location is used for and how it could improve your facility and processes.

We offer access to indoor positioning, from a free demonstration to a thorough expert assessment of the suitability of the positioning for your company.

  1. See the positioning accuracy yourself – Book a virtual 20 min demo for free.
  2. Test the functionality of positioning with Iiwari Development Kit.
  3. Learn from our experts how you can improve efficiency with location information.
Jukka Kämäräinen

Jukka Kämäräinen, Founder, Principal Engineer

The world-class developer of UWB technology & a true technological visionary. Worked as a researcher at the Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (VTT) before founding Iiwari.

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