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Indoor positioning
for healthcare

Indoor positioning can not only save lives
but reduce risk situations and improve occupational safety.

Healthcare indoor positioning

Data is essential to efficiency and safety

Location matters! No time is wasted trying to find tools or people in a large building when their exact location is known. Imagine what this means when looking for life-saving devices or staff in a hospital or nursing home.

The modern, smart buildings are based on knowing where people are, and where free space can be found. Indoor positioning should be an integral part of any rescue plan.

Positioning information can also be used to call help directly to the correct location. With no delay.


Equipment utilization can be as much as doubled by using indoor positioning to track their location.


Nearly half of equipment acquisition costs can be cut with increased equipment utilization.


Four out of five staff members using positioning have rated it highly helpful for their daily work.
Healthcare equipment indoor positioning Indoor positioning alert floor plan Nurse and patient Coronavirus prevention
Healthcare equipment indoor positioning

Equipment tracking

Indoor positioning for healthcare helps find life-saving equipment fast, ensures a high use rate for expensive appliances, and increases workplace efficiency as no time is spent searching.

Indoor positioning alert floor plan

Work & patient safety

There are a variety of conditions that put both staff and patients at sudden risk with help needed quickly. Although old infrastructure or existing technology does not serve the need for rapid response, indoor positioning can solve this easily.

Caregivers receive live notification of a potential emergency and can identify the source and location through a mobile app.

Saving time in this way will help improve overall psychological safety in the nursing home and provide better care for all concerned.

Operational efficiency

Location data can be used to track operations (cleaning, checks, etc.) without the need for additional reporting.

Patient care times are known and work shifts decisions can be made based on the data.

Rich data reporting

With the help of positioning, activities are managed efficiently, the time spent on treatment is measured automatically, and unnecessary manual work steps in event reporting can be reduced.

  • • Care delivery timing down to the minute
  • • Pendant location alerts
  • • Real time location tracking in designated zones


With the help of data, things to be improved can be found and development can be monitored.


Nurse and patient Coronavirus prevention

Distancing & traceability

Positioning data can help maintain social distancing, prevent risk groups from interacting and trace movements of personnel.

“With Iiwari indoor positioning system we can now more efficiently manage our processes and track important events in real-time.”

Svein Skårdal

Coordinator eHealth and welfare technology at Kvinesdal Municipality

Svein Skårdal

Coordinator eHealth and welfare technology at Kvinesdal Municipality

How can RTLS benefit healthcare?

For your help, we collected a list of daily management challenges in healthcare that can be eased with indoor positioning technology.

Benefits of indoor positioning in Healthcare

  • Real time location tracking in designated zones
  • Care delivery timing down to the minute
  • Pendant location alerts
  • Proximity alerts
  • Rich data reporting

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