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Indoor positioning
for retail

With the help of accurate indoor positioning,
the customer’s average purchase increases,
space management improves and work in the
store becomes easier.

Retail indoor positioning

Data-driven store management

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Sales records don’t give you a full picture of consumer behaviour. Our technology allows you to see exactly how shoppers are behaving in your retail environment, providing the information you need to maximise sales growth.

How we help drive performance

in retail

Increase in sales & customer satisfaction

Product location information in the store: customer satisfaction increases when products are easily found in large stores.

Location-based advertising on smart carts: the average purchase value of customers using smart carts will increase by up to 20% compared to regular shopping carts.

Track traffic and avoid queue growth

By tracking customer flows, it is possible to predict the formation of queues and proactively alert more cashiers to the scene. For customers, a non-queuing customer experience is a relief, and employees get a sense of good prioritization of work tasks.

The presence of a salesperson in the department has been researched to increase sales, so it is advisable to alert the salesperson to the department using customer location information.

Store- and department-specific performance

Compare the detailed performance of different stores. Find out the actual productivity of the different departments of the store.

The department’s performance is obtained by relating department-specific customer visits directly to the amount of work assigned to the department and to the sales received from the department. The data needed for this analysis is collected completely automatically, without manual entries. The data collected in this way is accurate and is based on actual customer visits and realized rather than planned working hours.


Serve your customers better

With digital queuing, the customer service personnel come to the customer and not the other way around. Customers are free to browse and make other purchases in store while queuing digitally.

Improve the use and value of the retail space

By tracking customer flows in store you can optimise product placement and ensure the efficient use of store space.

By combining customer location data with sales data, you will understand your customer’s purchase path in the same way in a brick-and-mortar store as you do in an online store.

The optimization of collection routes increases the efficiency of online order picking, saving time and reducing costs.

5 direct benefits of indoor positioning for online deliveries in retail

What if collection time of online orders were twice as fast?

A store that uses indoor positioning can deliver products to customers not only faster, but also more accurately when the locations of both the collector and the products are entirely transparent.

Here are five ways indoor positioning can directly benefit the work of collectors in store. Download our expert guide.

“It was a pleasure to experience how fast the Iiwari solution was installed at the Smartcarelab in Stavanger. The system has huge potential in utilizing RTLS in both new and old buildings as the infrastructural part is really fast and easy. We look forward to experience the system over time, and see that the technology and accuracy is incredible”.

Gunnar Hansen

Head of Hospital Business Sector, Haltian

Gunnar Hansen

Head of Hospital Business Sector, Haltian

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