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Improve store efficiency
with indoor positioning

With the help of applications that utilize accurate indoor positioning, trade losses are reduced and business profitability is improved.
The customer's average purchase increases,
space management improves and work
in the store becomes easier.

Dataohjattu myymälänhallinta Indoor Positioning For Retail

Trade that promotes sustainable development has better business

Iiwari’s Store Manager application, which utilizes positioning, improves grocery store’s responsibility, bringing significant financial and operational benefits.

With the help of Iiwari’s Store Manager

  • Wastage can be reduced by 20–30%* and profitability improved when sales of discounted products increase.
  • Store processes are optimized and work time is saved: The working hours needed to check dates are reduced, saving up to 16 hours a week* (in a medium-sized grocery store).
  • Improving the customer experience: Customers can easily find discounted products with the help of the application.
*In our pilot site, wastage was reduced by 34% per year and working time was saved by 16 h/week. The size of the shop is 1500 m2.

Data-driven store management

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Sales records don’t give you a full picture of consumer behaviour. Our technology allows you to see exactly how shoppers are behaving in your retail environment, providing the information you need to maximise sales growth.

In particular, the optimization of date management and shelving and picking functions is an invaluable aid to the store’s everyday life.

We listed the most important practical challenges within retail stores which can be solved with Iiwari indoor positioning system. Download our expert guide for free »

How we help drive performance in retail

Finding expensive equipment

Honeywell mobile devices important to the work of the store are lost in large supermarkets up to once a month. With the help of positioning, the location of expensive devices is known at all times.

It is also possible to create an alarm system for those situations when Honeywell is threateningly approaching the waste platform. It is not uncommon for an important device to accidentally end up in a landfill, e.g. with packaging waste.

Optimizing date management and shelving and picking functions

With the help of Iiwari’s technology, it is possible to optimize date management and shelving and picking functions. The location data of all goods can be created with only one location device: the location data of the product code scan is stored in the system.

The Store Manager application can save up to 95% of the total work time spent on checking dates. The application directs even an inexperienced inspector to the expiring products. You no longer need to check all products every day, only those whose use-by dates are actually approaching. You should check out this app!

Navigation to products

Basic navigation to products makes both shelving and picking more efficient.

Make use of customer flow data

By monitoring the flow of customers, it is possible to anticipate the formation of queues and alert more cashiers to the scene in time. A smooth customer experience without queues is a relief for customers, and employees get a sense of good prioritization of work tasks.

I can make an analysis of the best product placement and store layout based on customer flow data.

Store- and department-specific performance

Compare the detailed performance of different stores. Find out the actual productivity of the different departments of the store.

The department’s performance is obtained by relating department-specific customer visits directly to the amount of work assigned to the department and to the sales received from the department. The data needed for this analysis is collected completely automatically, without manual entries. The data collected in this way is accurate and is based on actual customer visits and realized rather than planned working hours.

Improve the use and functionality of store space

By following the store’s customer flows, you can see which aisle has the most/least traffic and thus you can improve product placement and make more efficient use of the store space.

By combining customer location data with sales data, you understand your customer’s purchase path in the same way in a brick-and-mortar store as in an online store.

Optimization of collection routes: The efficiency of online store collection improves and it becomes more profitable for the merchant.

Increase in sales and customer satisfaction

Product location information in the store: Customer satisfaction increases when products can be easily found even in large stores.

Location-based advertising in smart carts: The average purchase of customers using smart carts increases by up to + 20% compared to regular shopping carts.

RTLS in Retail
RTLS in Retail

RTLS in Retail

We listed the most important practical challenges in retail that can be solved with Iiwari’s indoor positioning system.

In our expert guide, you can read how the customer’s average purchase increases, space management improves and working in the store becomes easier.

Download our expert guide for free.

“The Store manager application is functional, useful and easy to use. It significantly reduces the time spent checking dates. It really helps us in everyday life and works in practice!”

“We have noticed that very soon after the introduction of Iiwari’s technology, our ways of doing business in everyday life have changed. Technology saves our work time and is very useful! We can find our colleagues and important equipment easily.”

Anna Heikkinen

Store manager, K-Supermarket Vuokatti

Anna Heikkinen

Store manager, K-Supermarket Vuokatti

Iiwari scanning saves the item's location

Information about the location of stationary goods can be easily obtained with one positioning device, even in a large warehouse or store. A positioning network of the required size is installed in the space, but each separate object does not need its own positioning tag. The product’s location is updated in the system when the product is scanned with the location scanner. Location information helps to make picking and everyday work more efficient in any work environment.

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