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Indoor positioning
for warehousing

Eliminate guesswork by basing all development on measured data. Indoor positioning complements existing WMS or ERP by creating a real-time location information for goods, production equipment and forklifts.

Warehouse indoor positioning

How we help drive efficiency

in warehousing

Warehouse inventory positioning system Construction positioning system Warehouse indoor positioning Warehouse indoor positioning Warehouse indoor positioning Security indoor positioning floor plan Warehouse indoor positioning system
Warehouse inventory positioning system

Optimise Production

Define the zones in which, upon arrival, a certain work step is automatically acknowledged as completed or the load is ready for loading, etc.

Construction positioning system

Real Time Location Data

Get real-time location information for goods, tools and people so no time spent searching. You will benefit from having situational awareness of the whole building.

Warehouse indoor positioning

Safety & Security

Indoor positioning helps to anticipate the need for labour accurately, so there is always the right number of people at work. Accidents at work, such as forklift collisions, can be avoided. Reducing the workload and incidents has a direct impact on the number of days taken for sick leave.

Warehouse indoor positioning

Improve Routing

Real-time location information for forklifts allows the order of collection to be optimized and congestion and waiting to be eliminated. Driver errors can be measured and modified for greater efficiency.

Warehouse indoor positioning

Maximum Efficiency

Inventory lead times are improved as loads leave the warehouse fuller and faster because of gains in warehouse efficiency.

Efficient deliveries increase customer satisfaction. All this also makes the operation more environmentally friendly when loads leave at full capacity.

Security indoor positioning floor plan

Zoning Alerts

Visitors to hazardous areas are monitored and an alarm is triggered immediately if an unauthorized person enters the area. An alarm is also issued for the maximum number of people in a certain area.

Warehouse indoor positioning system

Utilization of space

Improving the use of storage space will allow production to grow without increasing space. Even an old building or warehouse is easy to make smart with indoor positioning.

Logistics positioning systems
Logistics positioning systems

What does indoor positioning mean in a real-life warehouse?

Do you feel like you are making too many inventories each year? Do people look for the same goods time after time? Do you make notes by hand that should be automated?

Read more about how indoor positioning can make real-life warehouse work easier!

These situations in practical warehousing were reported by our customers in interviews with the “Digitalization in indoor Logistics in Manufacturing” survey in autumn 2021.

Data is everything to business

Positioning makes buildings smart

Data management is only possible by measuring, and indoor positioning provides a way to do this.

With liwari software, you can see the movement routes and speeds of both people and machines in real time. Avoid collisions, improve safety and working conditions, and optimize material flows to make your work smoother, safer and more efficient.

Buildings can be much smarter when everything can be located and this “everything” can be managed with data. Make everyday work easier by avoiding difficult situations, such as the loss of equipment.

“It was a pleasure to experience how fast the Iiwari solution was installed at the Smartcarelab in Stavanger. The system has huge potential in utilizing RTLS in both new and old buildings as the infrastructural part is really fast and easy. We look forward to experience the system over time, and see that the technology and accuracy is incredible”.

Gunnar Hansen

Head of Hospital Business Sector, Haltian

Gunnar Hansen

Head of Hospital Business Sector, Haltian

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