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What can indoor positioning be used for?

Improving occupational safety is a rising trend all over the world. For this reason, indoor positioning is predicted to be as self-evident a part of indoor technology as Wi-Fi is today.
What will it take for this useful technology to become a part of our daily lives?

We have put together many useful expert packages for your help, we hope they will be useful to you!

What does the future of indoor positioning look like?

How is positioning related to the most important trends in business, industry and healthcare, and what kind of investment is an indoor positioning system?
The founder and Chief Engineer, Jukka Kämäräinen, and COO Esa Viljamaa of Iiwari explain the current development work and future possibilities of the next major technological breakthrough.
Our popular expert package on the future of indoor positioning.

Enhamcing safety through Location tracking

Enhancing Safety through Location Tracking

A useful information package on how RTLS indoor positioning helps to improve occupational safety in factories, warehouses, hospitals and nursing homes as well as in hotels and prisons.

RTLS in Manufacturing

RTLS in Manufacturing

For your help, we collected a list of the most important practical challenges in industry that can be solved with the Iiwari indoor positioning system. Build a smart factory with the help of positioning!

In our expert guide, you can read how indoor positioning increases productivity and safety, processes become measurable, transparent and optimized, and how all devices can be easily managed and found.

RTLS in Retail

RTLS in Retail

We listed the most important practical challenges within retail stores which can be solved with Iiwari indoor positioning system.

In our expert guide, you can read how the customer’s average purchase increases, space management improves and working in the store becomes easier.

How is RTLS useful in healthcare?

The use of positioning in healthcare is a growing trend. Among other things, these topics are of interest:
- Automatic journal entry creation using location data.
- Improving occupational safety with the nurses' emergency button system.
- Monitoring of personnel and medical equipment.
- Digital inventory management.

The indoor positioning system can be installed in old buildings too, installation is easy, and UWB (Ultra Wide band) positioning devices do not interfere with sensitive hospital equipment at all, they are completely safe to use in hospital environments.

For your help, we collected a list of daily management challenges in healthcare that can be eased with indoor positioning technology.

What does indoor positioning mean in a real-life warehouse?

Do you feel like you are making too many inventories each year? Do people look for the same goods time after time? Do you make notes by hand that should be automated?

Read more about how indoor positioning can make real-life warehouse work easier!

These situations in practical warehousing were reported by our customers in interviews with the "Digitalization in indoor Logistics in Manufacturing" survey in autumn 2021.


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